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Downtown Elkin, North Carolina, is accessible from I-77, exit 82 (northbound traffic) or exit 85 (southbound traffic). We're situated on the north side of the Yadkin River, in Surry County, along old Hwy 21 (also known as Bridge St). 

If Google Maps or your GPS is not updated,  Jonesville is south of the Yadkin River in Yadkin County.  Exit 82 will bring you through Jonesville, heading west, before you make a few turns to cross the Yadkin River and enter into downtown Elkin. 

The address for the festival this year (2018) is 129 Church Street, Elkin, NC, with is the location of the Foothills Arts Council, one block north of Main Street, and/or two blocks west of the Town Hall. Parking can be found at the Town Hall and two other public parking lots near the arts council. 

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